Academic Council

  1. Dr. Mumtaz Ahmed Khan,
    Founder & Chairman, Al Ameen Educational Society,Bangalore

  2. Mr. Subhan Sharieff,
    Hon. Secretary, Al Ameen Educational Society                                                             ,

  3. Mr. J Shafiulla,
    Hon. Treasurer, Al Ameen Educational Society

  4. Mr. Umar Ismail Khan,
    EC Member, Al Ameen Educational Society

  5. Mr. Zubair Anwar,
    Jt. Secretary, Bangalore Division

  6. Prof. Y Azeez Ahmed, MSc
    Asst. Secretary, Al Ameen Educational Society

  7. Dr. B. M. Zakir, M.Com, MBA, LLB, Ph.D
    Principal, Al Ameen College of Arts, Science and Commerce

  8. Dr. S.N. Bandyopadhyay, MD, MBA (Gold Medalist), PhD
    Dean, Al Ameen Institute of Pharmaceutical & Allied Management

  9. Dr. Md. Naseeruddin Inamdar, Pharmacology, Ph.D
    Principal & HOD, Al Ameen College of Pharmacy,,

  10. Dr. B. A. Anuradha, MBA, Ph.D
    Principal, Al Ameen  College of Management

  11. Dr. Rahmath Ataz, MSc. Ph.D
    Vice Principal, Al Ameen College of Arts, Science and Commerce

  12. Dr. Gautam Sanyal, PhD
    Professor & Dean Students Welfare, Dept of Computer Science & Engineering, NIT-Durgapur 713209

  13. Dr. Indrajit Sanyal, PhD
    Professor, Institute of Banking Personnel Selection, IBPS House, 90, D.P. Road, P.O-8587, behind Thakur Polytechnic, Kandevalli East, Mumbai- 400101

  14. Dr. M.N. Bandyopadhyay, PhD
    Director, NIT- Calicut, 18/17 Biren Roy Road West, Kolkata- 700034

  15. Dr. S. Suryanarayanan, MBA, PhD
    Chairman, Zyris Dermacare, Jains & Sunderban, 15th Block B, 3rd Floor, Guruswamy Road,
    Nalambur, Chennai- 600095

  16. Dr. Gautam Banerjee, PhD
    Professor, Dept of Management, NIT, Durgapur- 713209

  17. Dr. Syed Aqlak Ahmed Javaz, MD
    Director, Diabetic Chemistry, Research and Education, Bangalore

  18. Mr. Waseem Khan M.I, MA, LLM
    Principal, Al Ameen College of Law

  19. Mr. B. Abdul Rafeeq, MBA
    General Manager (P&D), Al Ameen Institute of Pharmaceutical & Allied Management

  20. Dr. Vishal Bishnoi, MBA, PhD
    Prof & HOD – Mngt & Research Dept, IMR, Gaziabad

  21. Mr. J. Hazarika,
    Chairman, Gurukul Junior College, Assam
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