Integrated MBA in Pharmaceutical Management

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5 Years Full Time
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Under Dr.S.N.Bandyopadhyay

5 Years Full-time

Pharmaceutical Industry has been proved to be the major driving force in economic growth for all the developed and developing countries. Even in recent time, when our country faced economic slowdown, Pharmaceutical industry showed positive signs of survival. The pharmaceutical sector is now a key powerhouse driving the Indian economy. Hence, the importance of pharmaceutical industry in economic prosperity is undeniable.

Pharmaceutical Industry has its own peculiarity. As it is the major contributor in overall production mechanism of any economy, people with special skill set and knowledge to face the challenges of Services Management is high in demand. The BBA & MBA in Pharmaceutical Management has specifically been designed to develop the knowledge, skills and perspective required for leaders and senior professionals in pharmaceutical industry. The BBA & MBA qualification is regarded internationally as the hallmark of successful managers – a pre requisite for individuals and organizations who seek to gain competitive advantage. It equips motivated individuals with an exceptional portfolio of academic and practical business skills. Studying for a BBA & MBA enables students to apply both creative and analytical thinking to every business issue. At the same time it also provides students with a unique framework from which to develop their experience, build on their strengths and nurture their individual talents.

The BBA & MBA programme is focused on producing leading edge BBA & MBA graduates who truly understands the dynamics of Pharmaceutical Industry and is can exercise Innovativeness, Creativity, and Strategic Vision. The aim is to help the participants achieve their professional goals in the most practical way possible. While academically rigorous and very demanding, this programme is intended to be practical in focus.


  • To impart understanding of the organizational dynamics and the macro-environmental elements in which it operates.
  • To have excellent domain knowledge of medical and management subjects.
  • To have a comprehensive understanding of management concepts and techniques and their application in the organizational environment.
  • To develop analytical, problem solving and decision-making skills specifically suitable for service industry’s businesses.
  • To develop strategic outlook and leadership qualities in professionally driven complex, changing environment.
  • To impart Pharmaceutical-specific specialist knowledge and integrate it with the professional orientation of the programme.
  • To inculcate interpersonal skills.

Learning has no fixed approach – we strongly believe in it. Integrated MBA in Pharmaceutical Management Programme gives equal weight age to formal and informal education. Learning results from both classroom-teaching and project-based experience, using the derived expertise to solve business challenges. Both individual and team-based activities form the core of the course through lectures, casework and projects. Students with varied backgrounds and experiences, personalities and learning styles reflect the true diversity of the workplace. Lectures, discursive and interactive, projects and cases help students apply what they learn to genuine problems experienced at work. This bridges the gap between the School and the workplace.

Industry always looks for the best of the people fit to fight with the odds of the world. Pharmaceutical industry is no exception. It expects the fresh business graduates to demonstrate enthusiasm, be self-motivated, lead teams, and motivate others. You can have nothing better to engender these qualities than a thoroughly grounded understanding of the industry, the environment, customer expectations and the best business practices and strategies.

This course focuses on developing the management skills and knowledge you will need in an expanding and constantly changing industry. You will develop your knowledge and skills in crucial management areas. Apart from this, the programme specifically aims to deepen your practical knowledge and ability to strategically manage service industry. The course will engage you in conceptual thinking, analysis and research, however it seeks to take you beyond the analytical emphasis of many BBA & MBA programmes and encourage you to develop and implement creative ideas and solutions to organizational-issues.

Course Snapshot

  • Blend
    • Competency of both a B. Pharm , BBA, M. Pharm and MBA
    • 76 Subjects
    Course Supplements
    • Relevant Books and Study Materials to all students
    • 2 Aprons every year for each student
    • 1 Executive Business Suit for all students
  • Hospital Training
    • 2 Months training with Family Planning Association of India
  • Corporate Internship
    • 6 Months Internship
    • Repeated Corporate / Industry Visits throughout the course.
    • Seminars & Leadership Lecture Series: National & International with dignitaries from the field of Industry and Academics, including from institutions of excellence like IITs, IIMs and NITs every fortnight
  • Placement & Internship
    • 100% Placement Assistance to all students.
  • Faculties
    • Full Time Faculty as par UGC rules in all disciplines.
    • A pool of Guest and Visiting Faculties from institutions of excellence like the IITs, IIMs and NITs etc.
Integrated MBA
MBA in Pharmaceutical Management
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