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After severe economic crisis 2008 onwards the picture of World economy is somewhat looking greener. Economists around the world are presuming that future would be brighter from past or present. Several European countries are coming out of deep recession namely Spain, Portugal, Greece, even United Kingdom. During the last 5 years if we have consider any one economy from Europe that had held itself high was Germany. If we look into reasons there are many but the most prominent reason is their innovativeness in different fields like industry, banking, manufacturing and specially education. This innovativeness in the education is the need of the hour. The future of any country depends on its youth population and if this population is trained and shown the path properly then they can take the nation to the greatest height possible.

India is a youth oriented nation with vast number of students passing out from class 12. It is our duty as academicians to show them the right path. In academics the need for industry oriented, specialized and research oriented courses are of the highest demand. Not only these courses shape the future of the students but also it leads the industry to get specialized, trained effective workforce which will help the economy of the nation at large.

Those streams which were considered to be great career prospects in the 90’s or even till 2008 have lost their shine. Every year we see there is fall in the number of students who are appearing for CAT or MAT. In the last three years we have seen several Management and Engineering colleges have shut down due to low student intake. It is quite evident that students want to come out of conventional courses and are ready to take career oriented courses. Several write up from Ministry of HRD we also see that they are asking the colleges to come up with courses that are career oriented or industry oriented.

Keeping the above concept in mind we in AL-AMEEN has introduced courses that are industry oriented and research based. The main motto of our institute is to produce students who are industry ready from the day they leave the college. This will save the unnecessary cost of training the students for the industry. To achieve this AL-Ameen Institute of Pharmaceutical &Allied Management will have constant Industry Visits for the students and Faculty members, so that they can understand the need of the industry. Vis-à-vis Industry people will be invited to AL-Ameen Institute of Pharmaceutical & Allied Management to interact with students and faculty members. Apart from these, throughout the year there will industry-academia related program and seminars. All these coupled with the industry internship, that all students go through will make them industry ready from day one.

In this period of uncertainty, two industries which have stayed ahead of others are namely Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industry. So we have come up with MBA in Pharmaceutical Management and Integrated MBA in Pharmaceutical Management©, in which the latter is copyrighted under Copyright Office, Government of India. The courses are uniquely designed for fulfilling the specialised needs of the Pharmaceutical Industry which will give the students thorough knowledge of Pharmaceutical, Medical and Management subjects, making the student a professional in the Pharmaceutical as well as Management field.

Specialization is the need of the hour; this course makes the student a specialist in the field.

With best wishes,
Dr. S.N. Bandyopadhyay, MD, DHA, MBA (Gold Medallist), PhD.

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