Department of Economics

Objectives of the Department

  • To Strive For Continual Improvement  In Academic Pursuit
  • To Expose The students To The Latest Developments In the Subject  By Making  Lectures More interesting And Interactive
  • To Prepare The Students To Face The Challenges Of The Outside World
  • To Provide Necessary Skills To The Students by Way Of Organizing  Workshops on “Personality Development” And “Soft Skills Training”
  • To Create Environment For Healthy competition Amongst Students

Date of Establishment: July 1968
Programs offered: - UG- BA with HES/HEU Combination
Faculty Served/Serving the Department:

  • Prof. Khaleelur Rahman- (1968-70)
  • Prof. FathimaAzeez- (1970-2002)
  • Prof.Afsar pasha-(1970-75)
  • Dr. Mohammed Khaiser Ahmed-(1977- 2014)
  • Prof. Mirza Ali Abbas- (1987-as on date)

The department is highly indebted to Prof FathimaAzeez for striving to achieve excellence and promotion of high standards during her 3 decades of service.

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