Extension Activities

  • A stream of students regularly donate blood to Jayadeva Institute of Cardiology and other Hospitals to support the poor and needy.
  • The College NCC Contingent consists of 100 Cadets comprising both boys and girls tookup Cycle expedition to spread the message of Peace, Harmony and Education among the masses was undertaken by the NCC unit.

Efforts for Carbon Neutrality:

  • The tree plantation programme on campus has contributed towards pollution free air and reduction in environmental hazards. People from the neighborhood visit the campus for evening walks and for enjoying fresh and clean air to maintain good health.
  • Encouraging ‘car-pooling’ among staff members and students.
  • ‘Anti-plastic’ drive is undertaken to sensitize the hazards of plastic.
    Students are motivated to recycle plastic waste by making useful / decorative items, for which regular exhibitions are carried out.
  • Litter free drive is undertaken.
  • Segregation of waste is done. Separate bins for bio-degradable and non-bio-degradable wastes are placed in strategic places on campus.


  • Proper care of the gardens and plantations across the campus is taken up.
  • Plantation of ornamental and fruit bearing plants.
  • Growing of medicinal plants.
E-waste management:
  • Use of pen drives or re-writable CDs.
  • Old CDs are used in making show pieces.
  • Reuse of computer related peripherals for decorative purpose during departmental events. 


  • Innovations Introduced:
    The college has introduced various innovations that have shown a positive impact on the functioning of the college.
  • Attendance tracking system for students:
    To bridge the gap between the college administration and the parents, this system has been introduced because these days normally students do not convey their short coming to the parents which results in shortage of attendance and poor academic performance.
  • Computer training to students:
    Students are provided basic training on the use of computers like MS-Word & MS-Power point and Tally.
  • Greater impetus on guest lectures:
    Experts from varied fields are invited to deliver talk on different aspects of learning and practical use of instruments. For example life science students were exposed to the use of latest scanning electron microscope.
  • Motivation to take up more research projects:
    On a regular basis faculty members are advised to prepare proposals to apply for research projects. In fact students are also encouraged to take up similar projects at their level. Consequently several mini workshops and seminars are organized in this regard.
  • Green Audit of the campus
    The department of Botany documents trees and plants on the campus. There are 75species of plants which are of flowering, fruit-bearing and medicinal in nature. These plants are labeled using a metal tags.
  • Installation of new fire extinguishing units:
    To provide safety, fire extinguishers have been installed at all strategic places and a group of office staff are trained to use it.
  • First aid kits:
    Throughout the college first aid facility is provided.
  • Waste Segregation:
    To a great extent non-biodegradable waste is segregated and safely disposed. In this regard separate bins for biodegradable and non-biodegradable wastes are placed in strategic places on campus.
  • Recycling of organic waste:
    Cement tanks are used for decomposing of organic debris. In a novel approach millipedes are being used apart from employing certain species of earthworms.
  • Solid Waste Management:
    Students are trained to recycle all kinds of wastes like plastic articles, CDs, PET bottles etc. In view of this an exhibition is organized on the theme “Wealth out of Waste” in the college. Ten best innovative presentations are selected and awarded.
  • Awareness lectures and drives:
    These are conducted to highlight the importance of biodiversity, water & power conservation, solid waste management, Wild life rescue and rehabilitation etc.

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