UG Teaching Staff (Aided & Un-Aided) for the year 2015 – 16

Sl. No. Name Designation Department
1. Dr. B.M. Zakir, M.Com Ph.D Principal Commerce
2. Dr. S. Nizar Ahmed, M.Com Ph.D Associate Professor, Coordinator Commerce
3. Prof. P. Mohd. Ibrahim, M.Com Associate Professor Commerce
4. Mrs. Kulsoom Rana, M.Com M.Phil Lecturer Commerce
5. Mrs. Tasneem Sultana, M.Com M.Phil Lecturer Commerce
6. Mrs. Shanaz Begum, M.Com M.Phil Lecturer Commerce
7. Mr. Mohammed Khizerulla, M.Com Lecturer Commerce
8. Mrs. Saira Banu, M.Com Lecturer Commerce
9. Ms. Salma Taj, M.Com Lecturer Commerce
10. Mrs. Ashrafunnissa, M.Com Lecturer Commerce
11. Mr. Abrar Masood, MBA Lecturer Commerce
12. Prof. Khaleel Mirza, M.Sc Associate Professor, HOD, Dean Mathematics
13. Mrs. Bhuvaneshwari, M.Sc Lecturer Mathematics
14. Mr. Joseph Patrick, MCA, M.Phil Lecturer Comp. Science
15. Mr. Afroz Khan, MCA Lecturer Comp. Science
16. Dr. Zaheeruddin Saheb. P, M.Sc Ph.D Associate Professor, HOD Physics
17. Mr. Mohamed Ayaz. S, M.Sc Lecturer Physics
18. Dr. Shaheen Taj, M.Sc Ph.D Associate Professor, HOD Chemistry
19. Mrs. Ishrath Jabeen, M.Sc Lecturer Chemistry
20. Ms. Seema Roohi, M.Sc, M.Phil Lecturer Chemistry
21. Ms. Ayesha Tasneem, M.Sc Lecturer Chemistry
22. Dr. Rahmath Ataaz, M.Sc Ph.D Associate Professor, HOD, Vice-Principal Zoology
23. Prof. Md. Roshan Farouqui, M.Sc M.Phil Associate Professor Zoology
24. Mrs. Tasneem Amina, M.Sc M.Phil Lecturer Zoology
25. Dr. Sabiha Sultana. M, M.Sc M.Phil Ph.D Associate Professor Botany
26. Dr. Abdul Khayum, M.Sc Ph.D Associate Professor Botany
27. Mr. Nayaz Ahmed. G, M.Sc M.Phil Lecturer Botany
28. Mr. Omar Farooq, M.Sc M.Phil Lecturer, HOD M.B. & B.T
29. Mrs. Ayesha Siddiqua, M.Sc Lecturer M.B. & B.T
30. Ms. Fatha Begum, M.A Lecturer History
31. Ms. Kavitha, M.A Lecturer Economics
32. Prof. Musarrath Banu, M.A, M.Phil Associate Professor, HOD Sociology
33. Ms. A. Umme Haani Fiza. A, M.A Lecturer Journalism
34. Mrs. Farkhunda Yasmin, M.A P.T Lecturer Pol. Science
35. Dr. P. Sartaj Khan, M.A Ph.D Associate Professor English
36. Mr. Khaleelulla S.A, M.A Lecturer English
37. Dr. Shakira Khanum, M.A Ph.D Associate Professor Hindi
38. Mr. Ashraf Ali, M.A P.T Lecturer Urdu
39. Dr. Ashwathamma. K, M.A Ph.D Asst. Professor, HOD Kannada
40. Mr. Makthar Pasha, M.A P.T Lecturer Kannada
41. Mr. Zafeer Alam Nadvi, M.A Lecturer Arabic
42. Mr. Syed Munawar S.I, M.A, L.L.B P.T Lecturer Business Law
43. Mr. Hasan Mahamed, M.Lis Librarian Library
44. Dr. P. Md. Ilyas, M.P.Ed, Ph.D Physical Director Phy. Education

Aided Staff Deputed to other Colleges

Sl. No. Name Designation Department
45. Prof. Halima Begum, M.Sc
Al-Ameen PU College, Bangalore
Associate Professor Physics
46. Prof. M.S.M Khatib, M.Sc
Government Women’s College, Kolar
Associate Professor Chemistry
47. Prof. Dr. J. Ismail, M.Sc M.Phil/Ph.D
Government Women’s College, Kolar
Associate Professor Chemistry
48. Prof. Dr. Md. Manjur Hussain, M.ScM.Phil/Ph.D
Govt. FGC, Chickballapur
Associate Professor Chemistry
49. Mrs. Muneerunnissa, M.Sc
Al-Ameen PU College, Bangalore
Asst. Professor Chemistry
50. Prof. Nusrathulla Shariff, M.Sc
Govt. First Grade College, Turuvekere
Associate Professor Mathematics
51. Prof. B.M Nasir, M.Sc
Government Women’s College, Kolar
Associate Professor Mathematics
52. Prof. Mirza Ali Abbas, M.A
MES College, Bangalore
Associate Professor Economics

Aided Staff   :           21 Nos.
Un-Aided Staff :      31 Nos.          
            Total  :           52 Nos.          

Ministerial Staff for the year 2015-16
Sl.No. Name of the staff Designation
1 Mr. G.A Wajeed Manager
2 Mr. Iqbal Ahmed Khan SDA / Liaison Officer
3 Mr. Shah Azeem SDA, Admission & Examination Co-coordinator 
4 Mrs. Farnaz Begum FDA
5 Mr. Mohammed Suheel FDA / Computer Operator
6 Mr. Veerabhadraiah Clerk
7 Mr. Shabeer. I Computer Operator
8 Mr. Vinod Kumar Computer Operator
9 Mr. Shoukath Alam Accountant
10 Mr. Ahmed Basha Cashier
11 Mr. Muniraju Computer Operator
12 Mr. Afzal Pasha Library Assistant
13 Mr. G. Rangaswamy Clerk

PG Teaching Staff list for the year 2015

  1. Dr. Azmath Rukhsana, M.Com Ph.D, PGDBA – HOD
  2. Dr. Azra Kouser, M.Com MBA, Ph.D,  Asst. Professor
  3. Ms. Shama Begum, M.Com, PGDFM (Ph.D) Asst. Professor
  4. Ms. Anjum Afsha, MBA, M.ComAsst. Professor

M.Sc Chemistry

  1. Dr. Iqbal Abdul Latif, M.Sc Ph.D – HOD
  2. Dr. Afshan Banu, M.Sc Ph.D - Asst. Professor
  3. Ms. Sabeena Khanum, M.Sc, NET – Asst. Professor
  4. Mr. Syed Salman, M.Sc – Asst. Professor PT

M.A – English

  1. Ms. Tahara Khanum, M.AHOD
  2. Dr. S Venkateswaran, M.A Ph.D Asst. Professor


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