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Rahmath Ataaz, M.Sc, DMLT
   Professor and Head                 
   Department of Zoology
   Al-Ameen Arts, Science and Commerce College,
   Near Lalbagh Main Gate, Hosur Road, Bangalore – 560027.
   Phone: (Off) +91-80-22222402, 22278468, Extn: 208; (M) +91-9845243864
   Fax: +91-80-22278464
   Email: ataaz_swear @


Experience: 25 years, working as lecturer undergraduate students since 1982.

I. Extension activities.

  1. Student Welfare Officer 2005-2006.
  2. NSS Co – Officer 1998
  3. Career Counselor 2005-06 
  4. Placement Officer  - 2005- 2007
  5. Sports Secretary and Cricket Coach 1984-2004
  6. Committee member of International Zoology Conference in 2006.Bangalore University
  7. Resource person in Histochemistry for Bangalore University, Zoology Practical for Final B.Sc 2005 - 2006.
  8. Secretary Al-Ameen College Old Students association from 1984-2003.
  9. Member Editorial Board of the college.
  10. Founder and President – Bangalore Herpetology Society (BHS) working for the study of Reptiles.
  11. Guiding Students in Projects on Chameleon, Bats, Cobra, Owl, Snakes,Turtle, Varanus, etc
  12. Member and Resource person for BECCA, B,lore Edu and Career CounselingAssociation.
  13. Founder and President -Society for Wildlife Education, Adventure and Research – SWEAR to  Promote Wildlife awareness and research amongst Students, Teachers and general public.
  14. Guiding one M.Phil Student.(2006 and 2007).
  15. BOS member in Zoology Christ Degree College, Bangalore.(Since 2007)
  16. Treasurer- Bangalore university zoology teachers association (since 2007).
  17. Member Ethological Society of India (ESI)
  18. Resource person – Herpetology certificate course at Mt Carmel College since Jan 2007.

II. Orientation Programme Attended:

  1. Academic staff college JMI New Delhi, 1988 for one month.

III.Refresher courses in Zoology attended.

  1. Academic staff college, ManasGangotri, Mysore, 1996 for 21 days.
  2. Academic staff college, Central College, Bangalore, 2002 for 21 days.
  3. Academic staff college, Central College, Bangalore, 2004 for 21 days.

IV.Seminars and Symposia attended.

  1. Histochemistry, Genetics and Model Making at VV Puram College.
  2. Plastination Techniques at National College Basvangudi.
  3. Review of zoology syllabus at Mount Carmel College.
  4. Establishment of legal cell at High court, organized by Hon chief justice of K,takaMrCyriac Joseph

V. Achievements:   Recipient of Lion’s club Community Service award in the year 2003.
VI Publications:

  1. Books Written
    1. Text Book for II P.U.C Biology.
    2. Text Book for II P.U.C Biology -New Syllabus.
    3. Text Book of Physiology for Degree.
    4. Practical Manual for I, II, III, IV, V and VI Semester B.Sc-New Syllabus          
    5. Zoo-Buzz news bulletin – to highlight departmental Activities.
    6. Ophiology – A Field guide of Indian snakes
  2. Newspaper articles  
  3. Written articles in Times of India, The Hindu, Vijay Times, Salar, and Siyasath highlighting topics related to animals.
  4. Delivered programmes in NDTV (Effects of pollution on snakes of Palace Lake) and ETV - Rehabilition of Russels viper at Banerghatta National Park.

Research work:
a. Registered for PhD under the guideship of  Prof C Chandrashekar Reddy Title “Critical Evaluation Of Myths, Misconceptions And Facts Of Indian Snakes” at the  Department of Zoology Bangalore University, Bangalore.
b. Working for a project “Comparative histopathological study on fishes and lower mammalian system for the effect of najanaja venom and a review of the najanaja venom for medicinal use and its biochemical action” for Indian holistic medical academy.
c. Research Papers presented:
1. “Comprehensive Management of disease vectors in BeerasandraVillage, Bangalore Rural”.-at National Seminar on Mosquito Biodiversity and Challenges in the Control of Mosquito-borne Diseases, Loyola college, Chennai (19th – 20th Feb 2007).
2.Biodiversity and Bioconservation of snakes in palace grounds, Bangalore” at National Seminar    organized by PES college Bangalore (30-31 August 2007)
3. “Biodiversity of Water snakes and their conservation in Palace lake, Bangalore”, at the world lake conference, TAAL at Jaipur, organized by world lake authority, lake authority and Rajasthan and lake authority of India (28th – 2nd Nov 2007).
4.Effect of Najanaja (stripped bespectacled cobra) venom on liver and skeletal muscles of albino rat” at IHMA world congress in Bhubaneshwar, Orissa, 7th – 9th Sept. 2007.
5.Histopathologicalstudy of Gerbil - for the effect of Najanajaenvenomation and areview of the NajaNajavenom for medicinal use through Biotechnological methods and its Biochemical action” at National conference organized by Adarsha college at Town Hall B,lore(30-31 Oct 2007).
6. Biodiversity and conservation of feathered victims – Tyota alba (brown barn owl) in and around Bangalore city in response to urbanization, at National conference organized by AJNAC and CSIR at Sivakasi, TN,(22-24 Jan 2008). Bagged Ist prize for the poster.
7. Biodiversity and conservation of snakes in Yelhanka Lake Bangaloreat National conference organized by V VPura, Bangalore,(Feb 2008).
8. Histopathological changes in Rattusrattus, post Russell’s viper envenomation at National conference organized by V VPura, Bangalore(Feb 2008).
We have received invitation to present papers at Bombay, France, Germany and US. Another 8 research projects that are in progress in the department of zoology are related to Medicine, Biotechnology, Microbiology, Ethology and other areas related to animals. These are as follows,

  1. Microbial analysis of oral cavity of Red sand Boa and its feeding behavior” by Razeena, Tassin and Ayesh Bee.
  2. “Analysis and Treatment of Bacterial and Fungal infections in the Oral cavity of Common sand Boa by Sujatha, and Nazia.
  3. “Analysis and Treatment of Bacterial and Fungal infections of the skin and oral cavity of Varanus monitor by Md Irfan, Sumaiya and Ayesha Ambreen.
  4. “Analysis and Treatment of Bacterial infections in the oral cavity of Chameleon versicolorby Moula, Mustafa and Junaid.
  5. “Transmission of human diseases by Cockroaches and their control through ecofriendly chemicals. – byBee BeeAsiya, Haleema and Nafees.
  6. “Suctorial value of Leach in the treatment of human diseases.”- byZainaband Farzana
  7. “Response of Honey Bees to synthetic pheromones” – byBee BeeAsiya, Haleema, Nafees and Ayesha Parveen.
  8. “Feeding behavior and Frequency of Red sand Boa in controlling rodent population” by Razeena, Tassin and Ayesh Bee.

VII Sports.

    1. Chess champion of the college1977-79
    2. Played for Vultures cricket club in the Vth division league and Cole’s cricket club in the IVth division league1976 -1984.
    3. Organized AACOSA cup Hockey Tournament for 8 years at the state intercollegiate level.
    4. Organized Cricket Tournament for 10 years at the District intercollegiate level.
    5. Played for Al-Ameen college cricket team for 5 years (1975-1979) and Central College Team in the State Vth division (1980-1982).

Wild life activities:
Apart from delivering lectures and conducting workshops on wild life awareness at schools and colleges, I am actively involved in wildlife rescue, treatment and rehabilitation, since this area is much neglected in urbanized areas like Bangalore. I have been carrying out this activity as a hobby with great passion since 1981. Further I have written numerous articles in newspapers like Times of India, the Hindu, Salar and so on to create awareness among people as well as the authorities concerned.
I. Wildlife Education.
Workshops and Seminars conducted in Bangalore.

  1. BMS College                                           “Bio-diversity of Snakes”.
  2. JyothiNivas College                             “Ophiology”
  3. DayanandaSagar College                  “Myths and facts of snakes”
  4. Brindavan College                                                “Research in Ophiology”
  5. Maharani’s College for Women     “Biodiversity and conservation of snakes”      
  6. Mount Carmel                                       “Herpetology”
  7. Christ P.U College                                                “Myths and facts of snakes”
  8. Christ Degree College                        “Ophiology”
  9. St Joseph’s Degree College             “Biodiversity and conservation of snakes”      
  10. Administrative Management College          “Research in Ophiology”
  11. Indian Academy College                   “Research in Ophiology”
  12. JSC, National College, Jayanagar    “Biodiversity and conservation of snakes”      
  13. Hasnath College for Women           “Ophiology”
  14. Al-Ameen BEd college                       “Myths and facts of snakes”
  15. St. Johns School                                    “Bad Effects of Drug addiction”
  16. Al-Mubarak School                              “Biodiversity and Conservation of Animals in India”      
  17. BET College                                             “Ophiology”
  18. Cambridge School                                                “Ophiology”
  19. Delhi Public School                              “Myths and facts of snakes”
  20. DayanandaSagar Hall                          “Research in Ophiology”

Animals Rescued, Treated and Rehabilitated and since 1981:
I. Snakes:
Typhlops, Common sand Boas,Red Sand Boas, Wolf snakes, Kukris, Keel back water snakes, Olive Keel back water snakes, Trinket snakes, Rat snakes, Racers, Green Vine snakes, Cat snakes,Banded Kraits, Common bispectacledCobras, Russell’s vipers, Saw Scaled viper, Hump backedviper etc.
 II. Other Reptiles.
Chameleon, Varanus, Turtles, Tortoises, Calotes
 III   Birds
Eagles, Owls, King Fisher, Hawks, Mynas, Sparrows, Cuckoos, Peacock, Egrets, Cranes
IV. Mammals:
Squirrels, Bats, Hedge hogs, Loris, Guinea pigs, Mongoose
A Poster for the benefit of common man and students is made to identify venomous and non-venomous snakes, so that both are safe. This poster is accepted by Wild life authorities and promised to publish and distribute to all.

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