Al-Ameen Arts, Science and
Commerce College

Near Lalbag Main Gate, Hosur Road, Bangalore-560027


The function of education is to acquire and enhance knowledge. It should inculcate lofty ideals in us, augment our scholarship and help us in contributing to the growth of the society. Towards this end, we need to traverse through the domain of knowledge with the tools of technology and soft skills pertinent to the changing times. My beloved father, Dr. Mumtaz Ahmed Khan (Late), Founder of Al- Ameen Movement, which has 250 institutions across India, has streamlined for us the task of taking education to the higher levels. The foresight of my father to excel in life through education, serve the humankind and the nation has left well-defined milestones to be followed. I, with my dedicated team of educationists and professionals, am confident of accomplishing my father’s vision. With the implementation of National Education Policy in Karnataka, it has become incumbent on our part to conjoin technology-literacy with the university academic mandate. Al-Ameen arts, science and Commerce College is well poised to meet the new challenges of NEP with the help of committed academicians, social scientists and the other stakeholders. Keeping in view the low-income class in the society, we offer education at the affordable cost by giving quality education to all those who wish to study in our college. We believe in the holistic relevance of higher education to trigger higher thinking, make the students morally upright and self-reliant to shoulder the responsibility of their family, serve the society and bring honor to the country.