Al-Ameen Arts, Science and
Commerce College

Near Lalbag Main Gate, Hosur Road, Bangalore-560027

Institute Distinctiveness

The college, established in 1968 has been steadily striving in the direction of achieving academic excellence and the personality growth of the students. With its commitment to provide educational opportunities to all those who want to seek admission to our college, students from economically poor strata are encouraged with scholarships and concessions in fees. Reasserting our commitment to holistic growth, the college fulfils the curriculum and co-curriculum aspirations of the students. Platforms like Literary and Cultural Clubs, Eco-Club, Anti-Sexual Harassment Cell, Redressal Forum, etc. function with the active participation of the students and teachers’ supervision. Leadership qualities are promoted among the students by constituting a Council formed by the Class Representatives. A close-knit relationship is clobbered between the teachers and the students as they are connected in understanding and redressing the problems faced by the students. The infrastructure of the college with well-equipped labs, library, facilities like Seminar Hall, ICT installations in the classes, etc enhances the teaching-learning proficiency. The teachers are well motivated to reach out to the students’ minds so they can do well in their exams. ICT enabled teaching makes the learning process simple and easy.

Teachers are involved in research and development activities with their participation, presentation, and contribution to the academics at the college and university level. Many teachers have served the university in various capacities as the Custodians, Deputy Custodians, Chief Examiners, Resource persons, Chairpersons, Members of Board of Studies, Members of Board of Examiners, etc.